Tuesday, July 09, 2013

OnPhD: Skill and Knowledge Development

What areas do I want, and need, to deepen my skills and knowledge in relation to my identified areas of study? These areas fall into three domains; Heutagogy, Educational Technology, and Solution Architecture.  With each identified item I will include a brief description of how skills and knowledge will be developed. The completion of this activity is to fulfill the requirements of the related OnPhD candidacy task.

  • Deepen my involvement with the Heutagogy community
    This will involve my engaging the communities of practice in and around heutagogy and autodidactism.
  • Read extensively about heutagogy and autodidactism (readings list)
  • Write about my approaches to self-determined learning (publish in the open)
Educational Technology
  • Continue development of School of Badges and focus my efforts on Badge System Design and the technical courses on integrating Open Badges with open source learning platforms (Drupal, Moodle, Wordpress, MediaWiki, etc)
  • Deepen my technical understanding (from a solutions architecture perspective) of available open source learning platforms and approaches.
  • Keep learning about Open Badges technology including alternative methods of assessment an accreditation.
  • Investigate and develop mobile learning applications with particular focus on video.
Solution Architecture