Thursday, January 15, 2015

Management Consulting Spokes

I'm excited about building upon an existing Community of Practice with focus on Management Consulting. I like that the community has been progressing well for the last three years and already has good alignment with corporate strategy and is mindful regarding its current expertise and capability. What I get to bring is my 25 years as an IT consultant, my history in building virtual and online community, and my belief that a well managed and open community benefits everyone; customers, the vendor, employees. and all those who stumble upon the online side of the community. I like that a healthy community brings strategic advantage for all the organizations engaged in the community.
The zedIT Solutions Management Consulting Practice Areas (Spokes)
The zedIT Management Consulting (IT MC) community has its Information Technology practice as its foundation. All of its management consulting offerings are grounded in zedIT's breadth, depth, and success with IT. This is to also provides a focus; the management consulting practice is to assist its clients be more successful with their information technology investment. It is NOT management consulting for human resources, financial management, business alignment, etc... even though these are an important part of IT consulting... the zedIT Solutions focus remains on being an IT management consulting practice. The seven spokes of the zedIT Solutions could be defined as the following; (keeping in mind that describing something in a single sentence, misses some of the detail and broadness of a consulting practice)
  1. IT Strategy - How can the Information Technology function provide maximum value for our business in the future?
  2. IT Performance - Does our IT operation meet its goals?
  3. IT Transformation - We are undergoing a major business transformation. What needs to done with Information Technology?
  4. IT Organization and Governance - Is the IT organization set up for success in achieving our objectives?
  5. Enterprise Architecture - Will our technology investments provide our organization with the most value in the long term?
  6. IT Risk Management - What do we require to protect our organization and our stakeholders/ shareholders?
  7. Organizational Change Management for IT - How do we ensure technology changes provide the anticipated ROI?