Friday, February 13, 2015

First Six Knots

I'm putting together a couple of evenings of activities for the cub scout group I am a leader. The focus will be on the tying and use of knots. Listed here are the six we will be working on.
  1. half-hitch - its a very basic knot, but shows up in lots of places
  2. figure eight - Good for giving something to hang on to, or for stopping a rope from running through a pulley or cleat.
  3. square knot - also known as a reef knot. Great for tying two lines (of the same type) together and for binding around a collection of objects or for reefing a sail.
  4. clove-hitch - a good knot for lashing things down or tying to a round post. I good adjustable knot.
  5. bowline - is used to make a loop at one end of a rope. 
  6. sheet bend - is used to fasten tow ropes of different types together.
Can you identify five of the six knots described above?
I am planning on having these activities over two evenings. The first evening will be an introduction to the basic knots (half-hitch, figure eight, square knot and clove hitch). Each participant will have a small section of 1" diameter wooden rod to tie their knots. The second evening will be the final two knots with a mock rescue.

Evening 1 - Demo's and knot tying basics

  1. Demo of four knots
  2. Break into sixes and have another leader based demo of the four knots (half-hitch, figure eight, square knot and clove hitch).
  3. Stay in sixes, each participant tie all four knots, assist each other.
  4. Stay in sixes, have race for who can tie knots the fastest.
  5. Have all sixes relay race for which group can tie all the knots the fastest
  6. Regroup as a pack, have review for what each knot is good for.
  7. Finish with a demo of bowline and sheet bend

Evening 2 - Two last knots and simulated rescue

  1. Review of last weeks four knots
  2. Demo of two last knots (bowline and sheet bend)
  3. Break into sixes and have another leader based demo of the two knots (bowline and sheet bend)
  4. Stay in sixes, each participant tie both new knots.
  5. Review of previous four knots.
  6. Tie all six knots
  7. Practice tying bowline around waste. Demonstrate one-handed bowline while holding rope.
  8. Re-group, leaders demonstrate simulated rescue.
  9. Have sixes relay race on simulated rescue.
  10. Regroup as pack, and review all the knots.

A good video looking at the six knots.