Thursday, March 17, 2011

Inspired Adult Sk8r

Rod is a friend who has taken it upon himself to learn how to skateboard at the youthful age of 40-something. He was inspired by the interest show by his 10 year old daughter and a friend who has a 15 year old son. Rod wants to learn to ride the bowls in a skateboard park. He wants to drop into a peanut shaped swimming pool and be able to ride the rails. At 40ish this is no easy feet, IMHO Rod is an inspired adult learner. During our conversation about his learning processes, I was deeply inspired. He spoke of how he uses the Internet to watch YouTube videos about how to skateboard. He can't get enough YouTube videos on how to ride in a swimming pool. He seeks out all the information he can on the internet and then uses this to deepen his learning. He takes all he has learned to skateboard parks and try's to put it into practice. He was very inspired by two videos put together in 2009 about how to skate a swimming pool.

What was most inspiring was when Rod spoke of the fear he has experienced as he try's to drop into the pool to begin a ride. To do this right you have to commit to falling head first onto concrete. Not an easy fear to overcome, particularly as an over 40 adult. I consider Rod an inspired adult learner who is using the Internet to enhance and deepen his learning.