Thursday, March 24, 2011

Create your own life long learning portfolio

Why should creating a learning portfolio be limited to K12 children? This is a great short video describing the Learning in Depth work of Kieran Egan, the idea makes such fundamental sense. The idea being that children have a project (or two) that is carried through their full K12 experience. I believe very strongly this simple idea would apply very well to adult learners, for the same set of reasons that it applies to the K12 learner;
  • celebrates learning
  • supports the building of expertise
  • goes beyond building a superficial understanding
  • following your bliss / engage your imagination
  • lives beyond a single year
  • ebbs and flows as a life well lived does
  • has no limits to depth and broadness
  • watch the growth toward mastery in a subject

How to get started? Set up a blog... commit to exploring an idea of great interest over a long period of time. Aspire to mastery of the subject over many years. Love your learning...