Saturday, March 05, 2011

Consolidation of blogs

A month ago I decided to move my website hosting all over to rackspace and this has been progressing very well. Changing hosting providers is not a small task as I have my own domains and those of a couple of clients also hosted with netnation. The hosting provider move will require the following steps;
  1. Contact clients, tell them of the move
  2. Assist clients with their move as we agree
  3. Review my services and develop migration strategy
  4. Consolidate my blogs
  5. Create rackspace instance
  6. Move with focus on creating and testing email services
  7. Move with focus on email services, mysql, php, REST APIs, and Drupal
  8. Move with focus on website and email services
The move of docudance went very well, and in the process a new developer released a completely reworked version of the site. It looks great!

I have also moved my first blog (2004 - 2007) from to have all the post a part of this criticaltechnology blog. There was not an export service from my original blog so this took some effort. It was time well spent as I got to review my past writings. Quite interesting to again read my thinking from six to eight years ago. The main themes and standout posts are;
  • The importance of software quality on technology start-up success
  • The formation of my ideas around ICT4D and how it should be driven from the village out
  • The creation of a Learning Systems Architect job description
  • A whole lot of thinking about Agile software development and how to manage small teams
  • Prediction of SEAMLESS LEARNING

The next phase of the migration is to create my new rackspace instance. Oh, the technical fun begins...