Thursday, February 09, 2012

MVC in 3-tier architecture course on Wikiversity

I'll be building a series of posts which describes the building of a Model-View-Controller application within a three-tier architecture. The posts and accompanying course will be written so it is easily understood by the non-technical person. Those who know me, understand that I have a strong belief that technology needs to be better understood by all. It is important for so many reasons that are outside the subject of this post. The course will be hosted on Wikiversity. The course does a deep dive on how to built three-tier applications for mobile devices using the MVC pattern for User Interface development.

The course can be found at; Even though the course will focus on using HTML5 and CSS3 for rendering the interface, the course is more about building three-tier software.

Please follow along, and if you would like to discuss this course or have any questions / comments add them to the related discussion page(s);