Friday, February 03, 2012

Rackspace Step 4.2: I used rackspace email instead

As I begun my task of setting up the postfix server I needed to answer a few questions. The list of questions included;
  1. What is the dependency between my DNS and MX records and what do I need to be aware of as I install and configure the mail server. Is there a preferred order in doing these?
  2. Does rackspace have fanatical support on the care and feeding of my postfix mail server?
  3. If something goes wrong with my mail server, who is going to help and how long would it take to fix?
  4. How much time would I spend in administering this postfix mail server on a monthly basis?
  5. How would I know if the mail server was hacked and I became a spam server? Being black listed is NOT a good idea.
Answering these questions really drove me to use the Rackspace Hosted Email. I really don't want to spend time setting-up and administering a mail server. I don't believe it is a good use of my time. I build internet solutions and email is a service to me. I really have no need to develop or administer email services. Mostly what I am after is the ability to host my domains email boxes as close to my domain as possible at a reasonable price. And have someone else responsible for its uptime, security and integrity. Rackspace email provides me all this for a really good price.