Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Technology learning for the C-level, and others

I'm taking a very learner centered approach to the migration of my websites to my rackspace cloud instance. Given my background as a solutions architect, software developer and adult educator I have four main themes for the build out of my websites;
  1. To build on ideas slowly and comprehensively to assist learners following along; regardless of their technology background.
  2. Reflect upon each lessons outcomes and describe their business importance from a C-level perspective.
  3. Build all the websites following the mobile MVC three-tier architecture I described previously. And make all source code available as sample code.
  4. Serve as an example for my Agile Learner Design approach for adult self-directed learners.
What I believe very important is the learning resources are designed to be easily understood so everyone can get an understanding of how mobile web applications are put together. I believe their is strong business rationale for many technical implementations. These learning resources will also reflect upon where the business fits within the technical decision.